Space 1999 / UFO Premiere Session

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Session FilesSession Notes – Space 1999 / Ufo Mash up

Source Files

We Transfer –

Google Drive  – Zip File –

Drive  –

Trailer –

Shot list –


Official Trailer – Space 1999 –

Official Trailer UFO –

Really Useful Stuff

F = Match Frame

Shift I and O – Go to in point and Out point

, – Insert . – Overwrite

ALt K Play in to out

Premiere Pro > Keyboard shortcuts


Canon XF 305

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Hey, a new camera for a new year!

Click here for the screen version of the getting started guide

Click here for the print version of the getting started guide

Here is a pdf of the manual

Davinci Resolve 12 Walk through

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Transferring files from P2 Camera to your drive

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Export from Premiere as h264

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