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VLC Media Player – Plays anything !

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Hi, Quite a few of you will be already aware of this amazing little media player but did you know that you can run it from a USB stick. This means that where ever you go you will be able to play your media!

Go to the Resources tab on this site and look for the links under Portable Apps.

There are video tutorials for Mac and PC available to walk you through the process.

PaperDVD / CD case

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Hi All,

I had occasion today to give out some DVD’s and made a makeshift paper case.Well, I say case, more of an envelope that I had to glue.

So, as I often do, I thought to myself, surely there must be a better way to do this!

This is where my searching led and having tried it out I can give it a big thumbs up

I found that if I wanted a design on the case I just needed to draw it in a 125 x 125 mm box  on the opposite side of the page and it worked just fine.


Friday Freebie

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Hey all, this is what was used recently to train BBC employees – Premiere guide – Here

A really nice animation example

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Good example of the kind of thing you can do with After Effects – ldf2zjek-sU

Site of the day

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There is some really  nice stuff here – Creative Bloq

Getting up and running in Premiere

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Hi all,

as promised here is a quick, basic tutorial for Premiere

More tutorials coming soon!

Daily Inspiration

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Hey all, Motionographer is a really good place to go for inspiration and much more!

Take a moment to take a look.

My favourite at the moment is this –

invade ALL OF THE humans!!!

Backwards compatibility of CS6

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Please see this thread –

Discounted software and computers via the Uni

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Hola! DIgital Animation and DIgital Media students it was great to meet you today.

Here, as promised, are the follow ups to the questions asked.

I have asked Thelma Herrera head of IT purchasing about the cost to students of Adobe software and I I am awaiting her reply.

This was her response last year so this may give you some idea.

Hi Pete, please find below links to two of our software suppliers who provide discounts to our staff and students, all they will need is proof that they are students in the University, usually just a copy of their student card. Final Cut can only be purchased through the Mac app store now and I’m afraid they don’t offer educational discounts for it anymore.

Many thanks,


I have also asked her if students can get cheaper computers via the Uni again I am waiting here reply and will post it here when it arrives.




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Hello and welcome to Visualise.

This is where you can find everything relevant to Video post production and a lot more besides (as long as you are willing to dig for it!)

This site will be updated mostly daily so please check it often.

Please contact me with any ideas or questions that you may have and I look forward to working with you soon